Tattoo Age: Valerie Vargas part 3

The final part of the Valerie Vargas series of Tattoo Age videos is now live. This video focuses on Valerie and Stewart as a couple, and how they manage to work together and not want to kill each other!

Maybe it’s just because I’m getting married next week and I’m feeling extra sappy, but this is one of my favourite Tattoo Age videos so far. It’s great to see how Valerie and Stewart are able to inspire each other to improve each day, and that is really shown through the quality of the work they are producing day in and day out.

Plus Stewart has a great beard.

Valerie Vargas and Stewart Robson both work at Frith Street Tattoo in London. Thanks to Vice for the video.


Tattoo Age: Valerie Vargas part 2

The second installment of the new season of Tattoo Age is now online. I won’t write too much about what’s in this video, but it mainly explores what it is like to work at Frith Street and how the owner Dante has helped Valerie’s career. This is another great video from Vice, I can’t wait to see the final installment next week!

Tattoo Age – Freddy Corbin, Part 1

I don’t usually post this late at night, but I really have to share this ASAP.

Yet again, Vice have really nailed it with this episode of Tattoo Age. Freddy Corbin is one of those guys who’s name I have heard many times, but I didn’t really know a great deal about. Having seen this video I now know that I’ve been seriously missing out!¬†¬†Needless to say he is an extremely¬†talented gent, and a very intriguing and interesting fellow. Can’t wait until next week!

Enjoy, fair dwellers of the internet.