Nellie the Elephant packed her trunk

I’m not sure why this tattoo made me think of the cartoon “Nellie the Elephant”, but now I really want some currant buns.

We have featured quite a lot of work from Annie Frenzel in the past. I try to be as diverse as I can with what I post, but every time Annie posts another tattoo I find myself getting super excited and wanting to share it with you all. Make sure you follow her on Facebook and Instagram, or check out some of her older work on her blog.

Tattoo by Annie Frenzel from Lowbrow Tattoo Parlour in Berlin.


New on the radar

Whenever you go to a big convention you always discover at least a few great tattooers you were previously unaware of. One of the artists that impressed me most at the Brighton Tattoo Convention last weekend was Irish tattooer Joseph Deegan, from Gnosis Tattoo in Dublin.

I’m actually a little embarrassed that Mr Deegan wasn’t on my radar before, his work is exactly the kind of thing I love; dark, bold, and super, super clean. Here’s a load of his work to make up for lost time.






You’ve got a friend in me

Words simply cannot express how great this is. I challenge anyone to think of a greater animated movie franchise that Toy Story. The more I think about it, the more I realise that it’s basically a bromance between an egotistical cowboy and a delusional astronaut.

Nick Baldwin really knocked this one out of the park, I just wish I’d thought of it first!

Tattoo by Nick Baldwin from Gung Ho! Tattoo in Birmingham.

Pumping iron

I love me a good inception tattoo (tattoo within a tattoo), and here is a great example from Rain City’s Matt Cooley.

Rain City is definitely one of the top few shops in the UK for bold, traditional tattooing, every single artist there just kills it day after day. Check out their website for more info.

Tattoo by Matt Cooley from Rain City in Manchester.

Great expectations

I don’t know what’s more impressive, the tattoo or the density of this chaps leg hair.

Tattoo by Joe Ellis from Lab Monkey Tattoo in Stirling, currently guesting at La Main Bleue in Belgium

Put your dukes up chap

Every gent should know how to throw down fisticuffs, one never knows when one will be accosted by ruffians. This fine fellow looks well prepared.

Tattoo by Sneaky-Mitch Allenden from Inspirations Tattoo Studio in Morley.

Ink Stories 2: Simon Erl

This is the second in a series of short documentaries from Lima Charlie, featuring tattooers talking about their life and their work. This one features Mr Simon Erl, formerly of Jayne Doe in Essex, currently on the road.

Ink Stories 2: Simon Erl from Lima Charlie on Vimeo.

If you would like some work from Simon, I suggest following him on instagram (@simonerl), or on tumblr, to see where he is and what he’s up to. He has an online store as well where you can buy prints and t-shirts