May the fourth be with you

Happy Star Wars day everyone! If you aren’t watching the movies today, you better have a damn good excuse.

Here’s a few of my favourite Star Wars tattoos to help get you in the mood.

adam hays

Tattoo by Adam Hays from Red Rocket Tattoo in New York.

cecil porter

Tattoo by Cecil Porter from California.

chris jones

Tattoo by Chris Jones from Physical Graffiti in Cardiff.

mat lapping

Tattoo by Mat Lapping from Creative Vandals in Hull.

nick baldwin

Tattoo by Nick Baldwin from Gung Ho! Tattoo in Birmingham.


Tattoo by Nikko Hurtado at Black Anchor Tattoo.


Brighton Tattoo Convention

In less that 2 weeks time, one of the worlds finest tattoo conventions takes place, right here in jolly old Blightey. This will be my third year attending the Brighton Tattoo Convention, and my first time getting work done there. I am super super excited about this show, the artist list is better than it’s ever been, and the new venue at Hilton Metropole Hotel looks incredible (and HUGE!).

Have a look on the website for details about what artists are in attendance and what Woody has planned to keep us all entertained. You can buy advance tickets (which will get you in an hour early) from Ginger Tickets here, they are£20 for either day, or £35 for the weekend.

I’ll be down on the Saturday, and as I’m getting tattooed first thing, I’m likely to be seen limping around with a big grin on my face. So if you see an awkward skinny guy with a curly moustache milling about be sure to come say hello! I’ve put a picture of me below for those of you that don’t know me (I’ve since grown my chin fluff back you’ll be pleased to know).

Hope to see you all there!


London Tattoo Convention this weekend

So this weekend will see thousands of colourful patrons descending upon Tobacco Dock for the prestigious London Tattoo Convention.

This is amongst the very top conventions in the world, with an absolutely insane line up of artists in attendance. On top of that there are also plenty of bands and other entertainment to keep you occupied, and of course lots of places to spend your hard earned cash on some cool tattoo related goodies.

Unfortunately we are both out of the country this weekend, but unless you too are thousands of miles away from it, you best get yourself down there. Tickets can be booked in advance on the Ginger Tickets website, and there will be queues so I’d advise booking.

The pressure is on

I’m always really interested to see who tattooers choose to get tattoos from. They are the experts after all, so it’s great when some of my favourite artists get work from each other.

Here is a tattoo Jordan Croke from Second Skin Tattoo did on Oddboy while guesting with him at Real Art Tattoo. Jordan does some of the very best portrait tattoos in the UK, but it still must have been pretty nerve wracking to tattoo someone like Oddboy! I think you’ll agree he did a pretty amazing job.


Win a free tattoo from Oddboy!

You heard me right ladies and gents!

The chap at the helm of the UK Top Tattoo Artists Facebook page is currently raising funds for Dove House Hospice, and as well as selling sketchbooks featuring some of the best tattooers in the country, he is now offering the chance to win a full day of tattooing from one of them!

Matt Barratt-Jones, AKA Oddboy, has very generously donated a full day of work to this cause, all you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is to donate some money (at least a fiver) to the Just Giving page here. Oddboy was recently crowned “Peoples Choice Best UK Male Artist” at the UK Tattoo Industry Awards at the Liverpool convention, and if you’re unfamiliar with his work, check out his Facebook page. However, be warned that your socks may be violently knocked off when you see how good he is.

For those of you too rebellious to click on links, I’ve selected a few of Oddboy’s tattoos to share with you all.


UK Top Tattoo Artists – THE SKETCHBOOK!

UK Top Tattoo Artists is pretty much the coolest thing on facebook. If you haven’t liked the page yet then do it immediately or I’ll tell the internet police.

Believe it or not, the page is run by only one chap, and as well as working his arse off to create probably the best tattoo page on facebook, he has now turned his attention to putting together a sketchbook to raise money for Dove House Hospice. A ridiculous list of amazing tattooers have donated original artwork to the project, with names such as Jason Butcher, Mat Lapping and Liane Moule getting involved.

By Jason Butcher from Immortal Ink

By Mat Lapping from Creative Vandals

The book is being limited to a run of 50 copies, and at only £30 each they are an absolute bargain. To pre-order a copy email with your details, and you best do it quickly before you miss out! The original artwork will also be auctioned off some time soon, so keep an eye on the facebook page if you fancy a chance at getting your hands on a piece of original work by one of the best artists in the land.