Tattoo Age: Valerie Vargas part 3

The final part of the Valerie Vargas series of Tattoo Age videos is now live. This video focuses on Valerie and Stewart as a couple, and how they manage to work together and not want to kill each other!

Maybe it’s just because I’m getting married next week and I’m feeling extra sappy, but this is one of my favourite Tattoo Age videos so far. It’s great to see how Valerie and Stewart are able to inspire each other to improve each day, and that is really shown through the quality of the work they are producing day in and day out.

Plus Stewart has a great beard.

Valerie Vargas and Stewart Robson both work at Frith Street Tattoo in London. Thanks to Vice for the video.


Tattoo Age: Valerie Vargas part 2

The second installment of the new season of Tattoo Age is now online. I won’t write too much about what’s in this video, but it mainly explores what it is like to work at Frith Street and how the owner Dante has helped Valerie’s career. This is another great video from Vice, I can’t wait to see the final installment next week!

Tattoo Age: Valerie Vargas part 1

The wait is over! Season 2 of Tattoo Age has officially begun,starting with Frith Street’s Valerie Vargas. When I first became interested in tattoos Valerie was one of the big up and coming names that everyone was talking about, and seeing how far she has come since then is really quite incredible.

Assuming this is like the previous season, each artists segment will be split into 3 parts, with a new video posted every Wednesday. Having watched this I’m so excited to see the next one!

As always, check out all the last season videos on the Vice website.

Tattoo Age season 2 trailer

It’s nearly here!

The second season of Tattoo Age starts on the 12th of September, an the fine fellows over at Vice have posted up a trailer (featuring Ed Hardy!) to whet out collective appetites.

This season will feature Valerie Vargas from Frith St in London, Thom deVita, who has been tattooing in New York since the 60’s, and Matsuo from Osaka.

If you haven’t seen all of the previous episodes, now is the time to get watching and prepare yourself for next week. I guarantee when you’re done you will be just as pumped about this as me. You can find all the previous videos on the vice website here, featuring Grime, Freddy Corbin, Dan Santoro, Mike Rubendall and Troy Denning.

Tattoo Age – Freddy Corbin, Bonus footage!

Did you think the fine people at Vice would leave us hanging after last weeks awesome Tattoo Age installment? Well think again bozo!

There’s a 6 minute long video of bonus footage on the Vice website, featuring footage from Freddy’s trip to India. I have loved this awesome series, it really just shows how ridiculous all those “Ink” shows are. I hope they do a second season, there are so many more great artists I really want to learn more about.

Anyway, check the video out here, sorry I can’t embed it here, it isn’t on their youtube channel.

Tattoo Age – Freddy Corbin, part 3

It’s finally here. The last episode of Tattoo Age. I know, I’m sad too, but fear not, apparently they’re already planning season 2!

This last past is quite a bit longer than the other videos, and focusses mainly on the tough times Freddy has faced throughout his life. It’s a great insight into an extremely¬†talented, and very interesting human being. Enjoy it folks.


Tattoo Age – Freddy Corbin, Part 2

The latest Tattoo Age video is up, and I’m very sad to say there’s only one more to go! The 2nd part of the Freddy Corbin series really goes over a lot of stuff, detailing his start in the tattoo business and going over some of the legends he has worked with. As much as I can’t wait¬†to see the next one, once it’s gone I’ll have nothing to look forward to every Wednesday! Anyway, here’s the video, enjoy.