Move over Mouseketeers

What mouse was once a Roman emperor?

Julius Cheeser!

I’m very, very sorry about that terrible joke. I couldn’t help myself.

20130403-085533.jpg Tattoo by Brian Thomas Wilson from Scapegoat Tattoo in Portland, Oregon, USA.


Ryan Mason gets his blog on

Ryan Mason is one of those guys whose blog is right at the top of my bookmarks. Although he only updates it every couple of months, I check it regularly for his latest visual feast.

His most recent post contains more awesomeness than Mr T and Chuck Norris’ imaginary love child. These 2 are my favourites, the dragon/tiger piece was completed in 12 hours over 2 consecutive days. And the owl is just totally badass. Check out the rest here.

 Ryan Mason tattoos out of Scapegoat Tattoo in Portland, Oregon, USA.


I know that owls and Victoriana style imagery are both very “in” at the minute, but seriously, who cares? So many people instantly hate on anything as soon as it becomes fashionable, but personally, I love stuff like this. Especially when it is so beautifully executed.


This tattoo was made by Silje Hagland from Scapegoat Tattoo in Portland, Oregon, USA

Behind the needle

I saw the latest of these videos posted on TattooSnob the other day (awesome site, make sure you check it out) and felt I had to share it with you fine chaps.

These videos feature some amazing artists (one of which tattooed me earlier this year!) and a bit of insight into the work that they do and how they got started. They were filmed at the London Tattoo Convention, and were all made by Zeitgeist Magazine.