Go West

I’m pretty sure that the 60’s Batman series was the first comic book show I ever saw as a kid, and it’s probably the reason I became interested in comics.

Adam West will always be one of my personal heroes, in my mind he is the ultimate Batman! Whether or not you agree with me on that, I’m sure you will agree that this tattoo of him by the talented Alex Rattray kicks some serious ass.

20130409-111018.jpg Tattoo by Alex Rattray from Tribe Tattoo in Edinburgh.


Keeping it in the family

Clearly this is an impeccably executed tattoo, from the great Leigh Oldcorn, however it becomes even more awesome when you learn that it’s a tattoo of the client’s Dad as a Viking! He has the epic beard in real life too!

Tattoo by Leigh Oldcorn from Cosmic Tattoo in Colchester.

The pressure is on

I’m always really interested to see who tattooers choose to get tattoos from. They are the experts after all, so it’s great when some of my favourite artists get work from each other.

Here is a tattoo Jordan Croke from Second Skin Tattoo did on Oddboy while guesting with him at Real Art Tattoo. Jordan does some of the very best portrait tattoos in the UK, but it still must have been pretty nerve wracking to tattoo someone like Oddboy! I think you’ll agree he did a pretty amazing job.


Can you tell what it is yet?

Jordan Croke is fast becoming one of my favourite realism style tattooers in the UK. His portraits are always spot on, and I love that he manages to do everything in his own unique style. It’s always refreshing, particularly with realism, to see someone that brings something a little different to the table.

By Jordan Croke from Second Skin Tattoo in Derby.