Sir Puggington the Third

I thought I’d continue with the pipe theme from yesterday and post this little stunner from Amy Savage.

Everyone knows that animals in hats are hilarious, it’s science. However throw a pipe into the mix and the awesomeness increases exponentially.

Just look at him, he thinks he’s people!

By Amy Savage from Jayne Doe in Essex.


Smoking kills

Something about pipes just translate really well into tattoos. I guess it’s more that smoke looks cool, but there is no elegance whatsoever in cigarette tattoos!

Makes me wonder why you rarely see cigars in tattoos?

Tattoo by Rachel Baldwin from Modern Body Art in Birmingham.

Crispy Ram

Sometimes when I see a tattoo which includes an animal dressed as a gentleman, I find that I end up creating a name and back story for the fellow.

For instance this one is named Reginald Tarquin Crawford who was a successful government spy before retiring as a gentleram of leisure.

Tattoo by the delightfully ‘tached Crispy Lennox at Black Garden Tattoo, London, UK.