Bitches be hatin’

Apologies for the profanity in the title, but as you can see, it’s somewhat out of my hands.

I never thought I would like anything Jar Jar Binks related (unless it involved a gruesome death), but Paul Johnson really knocked this one out of the park.

By Paul Johnson from Northside Tattooz.


What a goon

Last weekend I attended the Northampton Tattoo Convention (I know that was over a week ago, but I’ve been mega busy), and finally got to meet one of the coolest realism artists in the country. We have featured a few tattoos in the past from Paul Johnson (including one on our friend Milky), and it’s a great to have an excuse to post another one of his tattoos.

This tattoo won “best small colour” on the Sunday at the convention. Although it’s a smaller convention, there were a pretty decent line up of artists in attendance. So a big well done to Paul, it’s definitely well deserved.

Tattoo of the Zombie Priest from The Goon by Paul Johnson, from Northside Tattooz in Newcastle.