Brighton Tattoo Convention pictures

I had a great time at Brighton Tattoo Convention on Saturday, and I’d love to share all the great photos I took with you all, but… er… I didn’t take any.


Probably for the best though, this way at least the pictures are in focus! Here is a small selection of some of the great work done over the weekend.

20130219-213949.jpg By Meehow Kotarski from No Regrets in Cheltenham.

20130219-214117.jpg By Aimee Cornwell from Swansea Tattoo Co.

20130219-214201.jpg By Gray Silva from Rampant Ink in Nottingham.

20130219-214254.jpg By Billy Hay from Custom Inc in Glasgow.

20130219-214420.jpg By Andy Walker from Creative Vandals in Hull.

20130219-214521.jpg By Chris Jones from Physical Graffiti in Cardiff.

20130219-214708.jpg By Phil Wilkinson from Studio IX in Manchester.

20130219-214933.jpg By Dotwork Damian from Blue Dragon in Brighton.

20130219-215159.jpg By Neil Dransfield from Oddfellows Tattoo Collective in Leeds.

20130219-215302.jpg By Phatt German from No Regrets in Cheltenham.

20130219-215420.jpg By Adam Hays from Red Rocket in New York.

20130219-215507.jpg By Kerry-Anne Richardson from Cock-A-Snook in Newcastle (on yours truly).


Unlucky for some

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, yesterday was Friday the 13th, the 2nd of 3 this year. I have seen loads of cool tattoos posted on Facebook and instagram, so I thought I should share a few with you fine chaps.

For those of you unaware, on Friday the 13th many tattoo shops will offer fun little 13 themed tattoos, usually for £13, or sometimes more for bigger pieces. I’ve been unable to make any so far but I’m determined to get to one of these events soon!

By Shakey Pete, The Drunken Sailor Tattoo Parlour, Newquay.

By Kerry-Anne Richardson, Cock A Snook Tattoo Parlour, Newcastle.

By Shaun Bailey, Cock A Snook Tattoo Parlour, Newcastle.

By Myles Vear, Cherrys Tattoos, Hornchurch.

By Phatt German, No Regrets Tattoo Studio, Cheltenham.

Meehow you doin’?

Sorry about the title, I couldn’t help myself.

Meehow Kotarski has well and truely cemented his place amongst the real heavyweights of realism tattooing. His super smooth, freakishly precise black and grey tattoos have been on quite a tear recently, taking multiple awards at some of the top conventions in the UK.

Generally speaking I tend to find photorealism a little boring. Yes it is very impressive, but I find any form of recreation a little tedious. Meehow’s work, however, really seems to draw your attention. He has a real gift for highlighting the little details that seem to make an image come to life. Plus I love how he isn’t afraid of going really dark, just look at the Arnie tattoo for an example of how effective a high contrast can be.

Meehow works out of No Regrets in Cheltenham, check out more of his work, as well as their other artist’s here.