May the fourth be with you

Happy Star Wars day everyone! If you aren’t watching the movies today, you better have a damn good excuse.

Here’s a few of my favourite Star Wars tattoos to help get you in the mood.

adam hays

Tattoo by Adam Hays from Red Rocket Tattoo in New York.

cecil porter

Tattoo by Cecil Porter from California.

chris jones

Tattoo by Chris Jones from Physical Graffiti in Cardiff.

mat lapping

Tattoo by Mat Lapping from Creative Vandals in Hull.

nick baldwin

Tattoo by Nick Baldwin from Gung Ho! Tattoo in Birmingham.


Tattoo by Nikko Hurtado at Black Anchor Tattoo.


Star Wars day at Jolie Rouge – THE VIDEO

So on Star Wars Day last month (May the 4th to the uninitiated), Jolie Rouge Tattoo in London dedicated a day of tattooing to the greatest movie franchise of all time.

It goes without saying that some amazing tattoos were made on this glorious occasion, but the fact that they even managed to get Claudia De Sabe to do one makes it that much more special. Anyway, watch the video, and cross your fingers that they do it again next year. If they do, I have promised myself that I will make it down for a new geekalicious tattoo.