May the fourth be with you

Happy Star Wars day everyone! If you aren’t watching the movies today, you better have a damn good excuse.

Here’s a few of my favourite Star Wars tattoos to help get you in the mood.

adam hays

Tattoo by Adam Hays from Red Rocket Tattoo in New York.

cecil porter

Tattoo by Cecil Porter from California.

chris jones

Tattoo by Chris Jones from Physical Graffiti in Cardiff.

mat lapping

Tattoo by Mat Lapping from Creative Vandals in Hull.

nick baldwin

Tattoo by Nick Baldwin from Gung Ho! Tattoo in Birmingham.


Tattoo by Nikko Hurtado at Black Anchor Tattoo.


Intergalactic bromance

If Star Wars was made now, I wonder which one Paul Rudd would play?

Tattoo by Mat Lapping from Creative Vandals in Hull.

UK Top Tattoo Artists – THE SKETCHBOOK!

UK Top Tattoo Artists is pretty much the coolest thing on facebook. If you haven’t liked the page yet then do it immediately or I’ll tell the internet police.

Believe it or not, the page is run by only one chap, and as well as working his arse off to create probably the best tattoo page on facebook, he has now turned his attention to putting together a sketchbook to raise money for Dove House Hospice. A ridiculous list of amazing tattooers have donated original artwork to the project, with names such as Jason Butcher, Mat Lapping and Liane Moule getting involved.

By Jason Butcher from Immortal Ink

By Mat Lapping from Creative Vandals

The book is being limited to a run of 50 copies, and at only £30 each they are an absolute bargain. To pre-order a copy email with your details, and you best do it quickly before you miss out! The original artwork will also be auctioned off some time soon, so keep an eye on the facebook page if you fancy a chance at getting your hands on a piece of original work by one of the best artists in the land.