UFC on Fuel TV 5 is on tonight and it is an event I have been looking forward to for ages now. The card is stacked with some of the best British talent in evenly matched fights and features fan favourites as well as a few  new UFC acquisitions (WAR Tom Watson). The card reminds me of UFC 105 which didn’t have massive international names, but EVERY fight delivered and put the UK on the MMA map.

I was all ready to be patriotic and cheer on the Brits until I watched the weigh ins last night and Kyle Kingsbury walked out…


Look at that beard. How the fuck am I supposed to cheer against that beard?! I want Manuwa to do well, but damn. If Kingsbu keeps this for the fight I have gotta support him. Plus he carries of a fanny pack better than any bearded man I have seen…


The card should be great and I hope it raises the profiles of some of the great British fighters not called Michael Bisping.