Rebel scum


KidKimura is off up north getting another tattoo by the talented Miss Kerry-Anne Richardson at Cock A Snook today. I am left jealous but excited for him as it will be the first Star Wars themed tattoo either of us have (the first of many no doubt).

Due to the design being a unique take on the Rebel Alliance logo (from what I understand), it is only fitting that I put KidKimura in the right frame of mind to be needle raped by sharing this video with you all.

Yes, you better believe your ears, that IS the Airwolf theme song. You are welcome.


UK Tattoo Industry Awards – Vote NOW!

We posted a little while back about the UK Tattoo Industry Awards, which is being organised by the fine chaps running the Liverpool Tattoo Convention. The nominations are now in and the voting is under way!

There are some amazing artists in the mix. I had the pleasure (and pain, haha!) of being tattooed by Kerry-Anne Richardson a couple of weeks ago (I’ll post pictures soon), and the lady has some serious skills. All of the artists in the top 5 are among the best tattooers in all of the land, but no prizes for guessing who I think you should vote for! You have to register to vote, then you can rate the artists out of 5, which is a great idea for those of you that can’t make up your minds!

So click here and get voting!