Punch it

While everyone and their Mum seems to be getting Star Wars tattoos these days (don’t even get me started), Adam Hays‘ work always stands out among the crowds. Always flawless and always fun, there’s a reason he has become the modern nerdy gentleman’s tattooer of choice.

Mr Hays owns Red Rocket Tattoo in New York, but travels a lot so you can get work from him at conventions/guest spots (I know I plan to). Check out his Facebook here.


Bitches be hatin’

Apologies for the profanity in the title, but as you can see, it’s somewhat out of my hands.

I never thought I would like anything Jar Jar Binks related (unless it involved a gruesome death), but Paul Johnson really knocked this one out of the park.

By Paul Johnson from Northside Tattooz.

Sanchez’ nerdy delights

Last night I spent quite a while looking through Sanchez’ portfolio, searching for a specific tattoo I’d seen on instagram. I couldn’t find the one I was after, but what I did find was a huge amount of super-awesome, super-geeky tattoos.

We at MVG aren’t ashamed to show our geeky side, and the abundance of nerd-tastic tattoos Sanchez has made just had to be shared.

He works out of Hunter and Fox Tattoo down in Sydney, Australia, so a bit too far away from sunny England for me, but if you live down under definitely look him up. 20120724-220229.jpg20120724-220342.jpg20120724-220409.jpg