HOOPER versus PECKer

There are quite a few cool videos I’ve found over the christmas break, I’ll be sharing them with you fine chaps over the next few days.

This first one I found on Stewart Robson’s blog, he filmed it at Frith St Tattoo in October. The video is fairly self explanatory, it features Oliver Peck and Thomas Hooper exchanging palm tattoos (arguably the most painful spot on the whole body). Enjoy.

HOOPER versus PECKer – The Highlights from Stewart Robson on Vimeo.

While you’re at it, check out the other videos on Stewart’s blog, he’s working on a very interesting documentary project at the moment, and there are loads of cool preview videos.


Tattoo Age: Valerie Vargas part 3

The final part of the Valerie Vargas series of Tattoo Age videos is now live. This video focuses on Valerie and Stewart as a couple, and how they manage to work together and not want to kill each other!

Maybe it’s just because I’m getting married next week and I’m feeling extra sappy, but this is one of my favourite Tattoo Age videos so far. It’s great to see how Valerie and Stewart are able to inspire each other to improve each day, and that is really shown through the quality of the work they are producing day in and day out.

Plus Stewart has a great beard.

Valerie Vargas and Stewart Robson both work at Frith Street Tattoo in London. Thanks to Vice for the video.

Tattoo Age: Valerie Vargas part 2

The second installment of the new season of Tattoo Age is now online. I won’t write too much about what’s in this video, but it mainly explores what it is like to work at Frith Street and how the owner Dante has helped Valerie’s career. This is another great video from Vice, I can’t wait to see the final installment next week!

Tattoo Age: Valerie Vargas part 1

The wait is over! Season 2 of Tattoo Age has officially begun,starting with Frith Street’s Valerie Vargas. When I first became interested in tattoos Valerie was one of the big up and coming names that everyone was talking about, and seeing how far she has come since then is really quite incredible.

Assuming this is like the previous season, each artists segment will be split into 3 parts, with a new video posted every Wednesday. Having watched this I’m so excited to see the next one!

As always, check out all the last season videos on the Vice website.

Stewart Robson interview – Last Sparrow

I like to check on the Last Sparrow Tattoo youtube channel from time to time to check for new videos, and somehow this one managed to slip through the net for a whole month! Imagine just how silly I felt!

Stewart Robson is an incredibly talented tattooer. While he is known predominantly for his Japanese work, he also does outstanding traditional and black and grey tattoos. He comes across as so modest and self-critical in this interview, which is very refreshing to see in someone so good at what he does. Scott Sylvia does a great job of interviewing him too, and I think it’s due time he got in front of the camera and was on the receiving end of the interview for once! I for one would love to hear about the past and work of a tattoo heavyweight like Mr Sylvia.

Be sure to check out all the other interviews on the channel, there are loads of amazing tattooers on there sharing their life with the world. Enjoy chaps (and chappettes)!

Stewart Robson works at Frith Street Tattoo in London

Valerie Vargas interview on Last Sparrow

I have been following Valerie‘s work for as long as I have been interested in tattooing, she is one of those artists that I feel really represent the very top of the food chain when it comes to modern traditional work. The fine chaps at Last Sparrow Tattoo have just uploaded a video interview with Valerie, where she talks a lot about how she got started, how she works, and about those who have helped and influenced her.

There are loads more cool interviews on their youtube channel.

Before it’s too late

I thought I’d share this with you fine chaps while it’s still relevant. This video is from Stewart Robson from Frith Street Tattoo in London, he posts videos fairly regularly, all of which are awesome and can be seen on his vimeo page. I would seriously recommend finding the time to watch all of his videos, there is some amazing work on display in each and every one of them. Enjoy!