Nellie the Elephant packed her trunk

I’m not sure why this tattoo made me think of the cartoon “Nellie the Elephant”, but now I really want some currant buns.

We have featured quite a lot of work from Annie Frenzel in the past. I try to be as diverse as I can with what I post, but every time Annie posts another tattoo I find myself getting super excited and wanting to share it with you all. Make sure you follow her on Facebook and Instagram, or check out some of her older work on her blog.

Tattoo by Annie Frenzel from Lowbrow Tattoo Parlour in Berlin.


Get your hands off my nuts

Or trunk rather. I love the shading on the face and how it gives the impression of a grey tone without using solid colour. What a maverick that Myke Chambers is.


Myke works at Art Machine Productions in Philadelphia, PA, though he travels a lot so check out his site to keep up to date.