Dan Hardy: FUEL 5 Open workout


Dan Hardy

While watching Dan Hardy’s open workout I was expecting to see an endless amount of left hooks, not him calling over a child fan to come and hit pads and spar. What a proper lad…




Cain Velasquez

Due to the amount of finishes at UFC 146 Junior Dos Santos vs Frank Mir, TEN fights made it onto the PPV! The heavyweights proved they can entertain with highly technical fights mixed with raw power to create episodes of  violence at its most horrifying degree. Bring on Cain Velasquez vs Junior Dos Santos two while we wait for Ubereem to return.

JDS vs Frank Mir

Junior Dos Santos JDS

Junior Dos Santos JDS 2


Cain Velasquez vs Bigfoot Silva

Cain Velasquez

Cain Bigfoot

Cain Velasquez Bigfoot

Our fellow brits Dan Hardy and Paul Sass picked up wins this weekend too. Hardy with a great first round KO and Sassangle continued his submission rampage through the lighweight division. The emotion Dan showed immediately after his win and humble attitude in the post fight interview goes to show how much his recent losses have changed him as a person and fighter. I hope that this is the start of a winning streak for him.

Dan Hardy vs Duane Ludwig

Dan Hardy

Dan Hardy

Unfortunately Mayhem lost his fight and will likely get cut from the UFC. Making this probably the first and last time you see a noogie in the octagon.

Mayhem Miller vs Poo lip

Mayhem Miller

Tattoos and MMA – Dan Hardy

This is the first post in what will hopefully be a series, detailing the good and bad tattoos sported by some of the top MMA fighters in the world. I thought it would be good to start off with one of the fighters with some of the best work out there, Englands own Dan Hardy.

Dan Hardy has fallen on hard times recently, having lost 4 in a row since working his way up to a title shot against the UFC’s welterweight king, Georges St Pierre.  However I think the fans and critics are being far too tough on Dan. He is an extremely entertaining fighter and has a style that demands attention. In the fast paced world of mixed martial arts people are far too quick to write off a fighter following a few losses, but I think we have yet to see the best of Dan Hardy. I’ve been following Dan’s career for a long time, and as long as he keeps fighting, I’ll keep watching and cheering him on from the stands (or more often my living room).

I spent about 2 hours this morning researching online, trying to find good quality pictures of Dan’s tattoos and information on the artists that made them. I was starting to lose all hope when I stumbled across these great videos by MMAWeekly. In a sport filled with shaved heads and (usually) terrible tribal tattoos, it’s refreshing to see someone like Dan who actually knows what makes a good tattoo, and is willing to seek out the right artists to get them done. I’ve also put some links below the videos to the websites for all of the artists Dan mentions in the videos, and here is Dan’s own website.

So here are the videos, also check out MMAWeekly for more articles, and they have a load more cool videos on their youtube channel.

Tattoos by Sung Song, Norm, and Tim Hendricks.