Masahiko Kimura – God of War

As you may have gathered from my choice in username, I am a huge admirer of the career of famous Judoka, Masahiko Kimura.


Bloody Elbow have recently added him to their “Gods of War” series of articles, and I cannot recommend reading this enough. Most of you will have heard his name due to the arm lock respectfully named after him by the Gracie family, after he used the technique to break Helio Gracie’s arm in their famous grappling match. His influence on martial arts goes much deeper than this however, and many believe him to be the greatest Judoka ever to have lived

I discovered Masahiko Kimura years before being exposed to MMA, when trying to research my own families history. While he may not be a relative of mine, Kimura had always been an inspiration for me. Click here to read the article, his life and career were pretty amazing, and I’d be very surprised if you too don’t feel inspired.



Bloody Elbow have just posted yet another article in their outstanding MMA Origins series, this one called Brazilian Vale Tudo Evolves as Chute Boxe Emerges.

It details the rise of Muay Thai in Brazil and it’s importance in the development of Vale Tudo, and specifically the early days of the famed Chute Boxe academy. There are some incredible videos in the article of some real classic wars.

So check it out and bask in the glorious violence of CHUTE BOXE!

MMA Origins on Bloody Elbow – Ken Shamrock

It’s been a little while, but there’s a new MMA Origins article on Bloody Elbow. Entitled Ken Shamrock, The World’s Most Dangerous Man, it is unsurprisingly a look at the career of one of the most underrated legends of early MMA. Some people forget just how great Ken Shamrock was back in MMA’s infancy. People tend to remember his 3 one sided beat downs at the hands of Tito Ortiz (when he was WELL past his prime, yet still fighting in the UFC), instead of his wins over legends like Matt Hume and Bas Rutten (twice).

Yes he fought Dan Severn wearing pink speedos, but YOU try telling Ken Shamrock to change his pants.


Even more MMA Origins!

I know I posted about Bloody Elbow’s MMA Origins series yesterday, but they only went and published another article! The scoundrels!


MMA Origins: UFC 1 is a Ronseal article if I ever did see one. It explores the circumstances in which the worlds number one MMA promotion was formed, and looks back at the legendary inaugural event.

I don’t know whether or not this will be their final article in the series, but I sincerely hope not. So if you’re reading this Bloody Elbow, get on it!

MMA Origins series on Bloody Elbow

I’ve been pretty crappy at posting links to the MMA Origins as they’re posted, there’s been 3 since the last time I updated you chaps.

Birth of Japanese MMA takes a look at JMMA’s pro wrestling roots and the transition from predetermined bouts to full contact shoot matches.

Brazilian Warfare looks into the rivalry between BJJ and Luta Livre, and some of the goings on in the early days of the gracie legacy.

And finally, The Gracie Challenge Comes to California, surprisingly enough, is about BJJ’s pilgrimage from its homeland to California, where Rorion Gracie set up their American base.

Each of these articles has a load of cool pictures and videos for you to gawk at if you’re that way inclined. There’s also lots of other cool MMA history articles on there, but I can’t do all the work for you.

MMA Origins – American Experiments on Bloody Elbow

Those of you that have been reading this blog for a while will know how much we love Bloody Elbow, in particular their “MMA Origins” series of articles.


The latest instalment, American Experiments gives us a bit of the history behind early martial arts interest in the states and how it fitted in around the more established arts of freestyle wrestling and boxing. Of course there is the obligatory look into the infamous Inoki vs Ali match up, which is usually cited as the first ever mixed style fight. However it’s also nice to see them go into the earlier Gene LeBell fight against boxer Milo Savage.

Check it out, and feel its awesomeness absorb into your brain cavities.

New MMA Origins article on Bloody Elbow

The fine chaps over at Bloody Elbow have posted a new article in their fine “MMA Origins” series. This one entitled “Catch Wrestling travels to Japan” tells the story of Karl Gotch, and how he influenced the Japanese pro wrestling scene, ultimately playing a major role in early Japanese MMA.


This is a must read for any MMA fan, and it has some great links at the bottom for those looking to fill their noggins with a bit more history.