Go West

I’m pretty sure that the 60’s Batman series was the first comic book show I ever saw as a kid, and it’s probably the reason I became interested in comics.

Adam West will always be one of my personal heroes, in my mind he is the ultimate Batman! Whether or not you agree with me on that, I’m sure you will agree that this tattoo of him by the talented Alex Rattray kicks some serious ass.

20130409-111018.jpg Tattoo by Alex Rattray from Tribe Tattoo in Edinburgh.


Sanchez’ nerdy delights

Last night I spent quite a while looking through Sanchez’ portfolio, searching for a specific tattoo I’d seen on instagram. I couldn’t find the one I was after, but what I did find was a huge amount of super-awesome, super-geeky tattoos.

We at MVG aren’t ashamed to show our geeky side, and the abundance of nerd-tastic tattoos Sanchez has made just had to be shared.

He works out of Hunter and Fox Tattoo down in Sydney, Australia, so a bit too far away from sunny England for me, but if you live down under definitely look him up. 20120724-220229.jpg20120724-220342.jpg20120724-220409.jpg


Never rub another man’s rhubarb

I was looking through Batman quotes for something witty to put in the title of this post. While the quote I chose is pretty much completely unrelated to the tattoo, I really couldn’t help myself.


David Corden from Ritual Art Tattoo in Kent has definitely established himself as one of the top few realism artists in the country, and in my opinion, the world. I genuinely don’t think I have ever seen a tattoo of his that hasn’t blown me away.