Move over Mouseketeers

What mouse was once a Roman emperor?

Julius Cheeser!

I’m very, very sorry about that terrible joke. I couldn’t help myself.

20130403-085533.jpg Tattoo by Brian Thomas Wilson from Scapegoat Tattoo in Portland, Oregon, USA.



We’ve been a bit rubbish with posting recently, to make up for it here are a couple of tattoos from Adrian Edek.

I originally was just going to post the “NeverEnding Story” sleeve, but then I saw the other one and I couldn’t not post it! Mr Edek is definitely going on my tattoo bucket list, follow his work on Instagram @edekqwerty.


Tattoos by Adrian Edek from Kult Tattoo in Krakow, Poland.

My favourite Hamburger

Chriss Dettmer’s blog is one of a select handful of sites that I check pretty much daily in the hope of new pictures, and the latest update does not disappoint.

I couldn’t decide which tattoo to share with you chaps, so I’ve picked a few that I thought you all would enjoy. Be sure to check out the rest.



Tattoos by Chriss Dettmer at The Black Hole in Hamburg, Germany.