100 seconds of knockouts

100 seconds of some of the greatest knockouts ever to have graced MMA.


Oh yeah, Chael Sonnen got pwnd

Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen 2

Anderson Silva returned to form at the weekend by smashing Chael Sonnen after being wrassled for the first round.  It might not have lived up to the hype but we got to see both guys fight at their best, the ending of a highly entertaining  feud (at least for now) and Silva addressing his only recent blemish to retain his standing as best P4P fighter in the world.

Anderson Silva VS Chael Sonnen 2

Anderson Silva VS Chael Sonnen 2

Anderson Silva VS Chael Sonnen 2

Anderson Silva VS Chael Sonnen 2

Best of Chael Sonnen: UFC 148 Press conference

I thought I would be sick of the guy by now, but I am really finding Chael hilarious at the moment. But despite all the laughs, this guy is serious about fighting. He has Anderson Silva’s full attention and both guys look to fight with a mad intensity. The fight is tomorrow. If this fight only even meets half of the hype that has been surrounding it, then we are all in for a treat.

Sonnen vs Silva



Chael Sonnen vs Anderson Silva

This time it’s personal

Anderson Silva threatens Chael Sonnen

The UFC released a new promo video for UFC148 which features a compilation of the smack talk from Chael Sonnen over the years. All of this has led to Anderson Silva stepping away from his usual cool and calm personality to threaten the hell out of Sonnen like a bawss in a media phone conference last week. The rematch is only 9 days away so watch this video and allow yourself to start getting VERY excited!