Tattoo Tea Party round up

Here’s a little round up of some of the tattoos done at Tattoo Tea Party last weekend in Manchester. It looks like it was a great weekend, and I’ve heard nothing but great things about it, I’m absolutely gutted I missed it. I’m determined to make it next year!

20130304-144942.jpg By Chris Harrison from Bridgend Tattoo Studio.

20130304-145119.jpg By Mark Bester at Marked for Life Tattoo.

20130304-145316.jpg By John Anderton from Nemesis Tattoo.

20130304-145424.jpg By Jordan Croke from Second Skin Tattoo.

20130304-145829.jpg By Chris Jones from Physical Graffiti.

20130304-150015.jpg By Drew Romero from Ghost House Collective.

20130304-150304.jpg By Sneaky Mitch from Inspirations Tattoo.

20130304-150459.jpg By Teide from Jolie Rouge.


By Ben Stone from Lifetime Tattoo.


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