Modern Violent Gentleman – THE MUSIC VIDEO!

We were contacted a little while back by Netherlands based rock band My Propane about a project they had been working on. It transpires that they had stumbled across our humble little corner of the interwebs, and they must have liked what they saw as they felt inspired to write a song!

While I’d heard of My Propane, I’ll be honest, I hadn’t really heard any of their music (probably more due to me being 26, going on 66!). Having had a look through their YouTube channel, I was very, very impressed. This is exactly the kind of music I grew up listening to, aggressive, slightly twisted, somewhat reminiscent of early Korn and Deftones stuff. It’s a huge honour for us to be even loosely associated with these guys, I highly recommend taking the time to watch some of their videos.

The band have been sharing teaser trailers for the new song through their Facebook page, and today is the official launch of the full video!

The following is from the press release:

Once again My Propane teams up with Italian video artist Jacopo Addini, who shot their previous video “Switching the lights off”, and collaborates with the female graces of Delicious Entertainment.

This low-fi trip introduces in first instance images and characters of universal appeal, and then starts to gradually change the context in which they operate, much to a dark-humored and unsettling result.
Out of their natural and clean environment, pushing the boundaries of good taste itself in a quick spiral, the characters can be seen in a whole different light, almost as part of a sort of crude social experiment: when pushed far enough, everything, eventually, gets out of control.

Or maybe the video simply depicts a dark tale of furry depraved animals having “too much fun”.

Similarly to the previous collaboration between the band and the video maker, the clip has been entirely shot experimenting with VHS cameras and second-hand tapes, to recreate that familiar unsettling look that only good old-fashioned home made VHS footage can offer.

So here it is, Modern Violent Gentleman, by My Propane!

This version has been heavily edited to appease the gods of YouTube, as the full version is very much NSFW! If the full version becomes available to view online, we’ll be sure to share it with you fine chaps.


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