How to fix a bad tattoo

Anyone after cover ups, seek out this guy, he has skills.


New on the radar

Whenever you go to a big convention you always discover at least a few great tattooers you were previously unaware of. One of the artists that impressed me most at the Brighton Tattoo Convention last weekend was Irish tattooer Joseph Deegan, from Gnosis Tattoo in Dublin.

I’m actually a little embarrassed that Mr Deegan wasn’t on my radar before, his work is exactly the kind of thing I love; dark, bold, and super, super clean. Here’s a load of his work to make up for lost time.






Brighton Tattoo Convention pictures

I had a great time at Brighton Tattoo Convention on Saturday, and I’d love to share all the great photos I took with you all, but… er… I didn’t take any.


Probably for the best though, this way at least the pictures are in focus! Here is a small selection of some of the great work done over the weekend.

20130219-213949.jpg By Meehow Kotarski from No Regrets in Cheltenham.

20130219-214117.jpg By Aimee Cornwell from Swansea Tattoo Co.

20130219-214201.jpg By Gray Silva from Rampant Ink in Nottingham.

20130219-214254.jpg By Billy Hay from Custom Inc in Glasgow.

20130219-214420.jpg By Andy Walker from Creative Vandals in Hull.

20130219-214521.jpg By Chris Jones from Physical Graffiti in Cardiff.

20130219-214708.jpg By Phil Wilkinson from Studio IX in Manchester.

20130219-214933.jpg By Dotwork Damian from Blue Dragon in Brighton.

20130219-215159.jpg By Neil Dransfield from Oddfellows Tattoo Collective in Leeds.

20130219-215302.jpg By Phatt German from No Regrets in Cheltenham.

20130219-215420.jpg By Adam Hays from Red Rocket in New York.

20130219-215507.jpg By Kerry-Anne Richardson from Cock-A-Snook in Newcastle (on yours truly).

Modern Violent Gentleman – UNCUT

First things first, this video is NOT safe for work! So if your boss might be looking over your shoulder then you’re best off waiting until you get home. Also make sure no kiddies are about, this is definitely not for children, or those easily offended for that matter.

It is, however, freaking awesome! This is the completely uncut version of My Propane‘s new music video Modern Violent Gentleman (recognise the name?). Scroll down to the previous post for more details, and the censored video if you prefer things a little less racey.

These guys are super talented and well worth keeping an eye on.

My Propane | Modern Violent Gentleman | Uncensored from My Propane on Vimeo.

Modern Violent Gentleman – THE MUSIC VIDEO!

We were contacted a little while back by Netherlands based rock band My Propane about a project they had been working on. It transpires that they had stumbled across our humble little corner of the interwebs, and they must have liked what they saw as they felt inspired to write a song!

While I’d heard of My Propane, I’ll be honest, I hadn’t really heard any of their music (probably more due to me being 26, going on 66!). Having had a look through their YouTube channel, I was very, very impressed. This is exactly the kind of music I grew up listening to, aggressive, slightly twisted, somewhat reminiscent of early Korn and Deftones stuff. It’s a huge honour for us to be even loosely associated with these guys, I highly recommend taking the time to watch some of their videos.

The band have been sharing teaser trailers for the new song through their Facebook page, and today is the official launch of the full video!

The following is from the press release:

Once again My Propane teams up with Italian video artist Jacopo Addini, who shot their previous video “Switching the lights off”, and collaborates with the female graces of Delicious Entertainment.

This low-fi trip introduces in first instance images and characters of universal appeal, and then starts to gradually change the context in which they operate, much to a dark-humored and unsettling result.
Out of their natural and clean environment, pushing the boundaries of good taste itself in a quick spiral, the characters can be seen in a whole different light, almost as part of a sort of crude social experiment: when pushed far enough, everything, eventually, gets out of control.

Or maybe the video simply depicts a dark tale of furry depraved animals having “too much fun”.

Similarly to the previous collaboration between the band and the video maker, the clip has been entirely shot experimenting with VHS cameras and second-hand tapes, to recreate that familiar unsettling look that only good old-fashioned home made VHS footage can offer.

So here it is, Modern Violent Gentleman, by My Propane!

This version has been heavily edited to appease the gods of YouTube, as the full version is very much NSFW! If the full version becomes available to view online, we’ll be sure to share it with you fine chaps.

The Gypsy Gentleman – Episode 06: Paris

The latest episode of Marcus Kuhn‘s fabulous tattoo travel series, The Gypsy Gentleman, is now online. This time round he visits Paris (which is in France, for the uneducated amongst you), where he meets up with tattoo legend Tin-Tin, and black and grey specialist Laura Satana.

Marcus explores some of the lesser known sights Paris has to offer, and all 3 tattooers do some very cool skulls inspired by the famous catacombs, which contain the remains of about 6 million people.

This is really cool stuff, I cannot recommend it highly enough. If you want to support the project there are details on how to donate on the website. The next episode will be an hour long special in Japan, which looks to be incredible!

The Gypsy Gentleman – Episode 06: Paris from Marcus Kuhn on Vimeo.