Tattoo Culture Magazine available now for FREE


Tattoo Culture Magazine is the new publication from Tattoo Artist Magazine (the top trade-only tattoo magazine in the world). As an avid follower of their blog, I’ve been hoping they would release something for the general public, but I really didn’t expect anything like this. The list of artists that are featured on it is incredible, and this is just the first issue. Seriously, managing to get the likes of Jeff Gouge, Nick Baxter, Freddy Negrete, Mike Rubendall and Valerie Vargas in your first issue is no easy feat, and just goes to show how much respect the tattoo industry has for this venture. And of course, you have to consider the fact that they are giving it away for free.

I cannot overstate how brilliant this magazine is. Tattoo Artist Magazine is a publication made by tattooers, for tattooers, and Tattoo Culture magazine is made by tattooers, for us! You can download the first issue here.


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