Foad Silky Hare Oil review

I was really quite excited when I heard that the fine chap behind Foad Wax was making a hair oil. I’ve used oils in my facial hair on and off for a while, with mixed results, but judging by the quality of Foad’s moustache wax I had very high hopes.

As an eczema sufferer, one of the main problems I have with my facial hair is keeping the skin underneath moisturised. Keeping your locks in good condition is also very important for a modern gent, I personally have always struggled due to hating the way conditioner makes my hair feel. Even with the aid of conditioner I often find my hair drying out when I blow dry it (which for me is an essential part of being able to see!). To be honest I’d really never considered using oil in my hair, I always assumed it would leave it looking lank and greasy, but even so I thought I’d give it a fair try.

foad oil

First things first, as I’m sure you’ve noticed from the picture, the oil comes in a small glass bottle with a snazzy logo on the front. The instructions on the bottle advise you to use a few drops for either your hair or beard, and that is definitely more than enough. After a little experimenting with quantities I am now using literally 2 drops in my hair and one on my (admittedly small) beard, meaning this little bottle will last AGES. The oil is very easy to distribute through your hair with the use of a comb and your fingers and has a pleasant, almost earthy scent. The label instructs you to leave it for as long as possible before patting off the excess, but I’ve found no need for that as long as you use it sparingly. I then zap my noggin with the hair dryer and style my hair and moustache as usual.

After 10 days of using the oil I’ve seen a distinct improvement in the quality of my hair. Blow drying it no longer dries it out, and it has a healthy (but not at all greasy) shine. In fact I have found that my hair is in such good condition that I no longer need to use styling products to keep it in place. My facial hair is much more manageable, meaning I don’t need as much wax for my moustache. My beard now looks considerably neater and less hobo-y, and it also seems to have completely solved the issue of dry skin under my beard. As I stated earlier, I have always hated the way conditioner makes my hair feel, and this magical stuff completely does away with the need to use it, saving you both time and money!

Honestly I think this is the kind of product all men should use. It’s natural, masculine, and most importantly, it WORKS. Why use Foad’s Silky Hare Oil? Because you’re bloody well worth it chaps!

If you’d like to try some for yourself, you can buy it online here, at £6.99 a bottle it’s an absolute steal!


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