FREE FIGHTS: Eddie Alvarez vs Michael Chandler


Michael Chandler defends his Bellator Lightweight Championship title tonight. Here are a few videos that provide an insight into how intriguing he is as a person and a fighter.

First up is the fight of the year contender in which he won the title from Eddie Alvarez. A back and forth war of mental and physical stress that was unfairly overshadowed by a UFC event that provided an equally great main event.

Heading into the bout, Alvarez was on a seven fight win streak and touted as the best lightweight outside of Zuffa’s control. Chandler was a serious underdog as he was a relative newcomer to MMA and hadn’t accrued the top level experience that his opponent owned. Nevertheless, Chandler was on an undefeated tear of his own, showing signs of great potential winning a very competitive Bellator Lightweight tournament to reach this pinnacle and earning the shot at the title.

Next is a highlight video created by which gives a little taste of Michael’s work ethics and approach to training/MMA.

And lastly, a promo for tonight’s event. This is gonna be hella fun.


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