HBO Boxing 2012 Yearender

Brandon Rios vs Mike Alvarado

It is new years eve and what better way to end the year than to reflect on some of the great boxing match ups of the past twelve months. HBO have hosted some action packed and fierce fights this year and chose to feature seven of them for free online. Although this is not visible from our UK region, there are other ways to acquire the couple of fights on their list that I haven’t seen (F#*k you HBO).

For now, this simple taster video will have to serve as a reminder of these incredible fights.


Dos Santos vs Velasquez 2: 8 FREE FIGHTS


UFC’s YouTube channel has uploaded eight of Junior Dos Santos and Cain Velasquez’s last fights. Remind yourselves why they are regarded as the two best Heavyweights in the world and get psyched for their rematch tonight.

Go to their YouTube channel and view the fights by clicking here.

10 best moustaches in MMA

We’re kinda late (ok MEGA late) seeming as Movemver ended 3 weeks ago, but I couldn’t not post this.

Bleacher Report posted this list of the Top 10 Moustaches in MMA history, featuring several of my own personal heroes. This list just goes to show how a moustache can transform a normal human into a king among men.

I am certain that Don Frye’s moustache is the root of all his power. Like Samson, only not a hippy.

El Gato Felix

Everyone loves a good pop culture reference, and while Felix the Cat is probably one of the most tattooed characters ever, I’ve never seen one quite like this. I love the way Honkey Kong has managed to forge a unique, recognisable style, whilst still keeping his work bold and strong.

Tattoo by Adam Hathorn, aka Honkey Kong, working out of Guru Tattoo in San Diego.