Sorry we’re a few days late on this!

Rather than writing an article about what’s going on, I figured it would make more sense to reblog this piece from TAM (hope that’s cool guys).

This is some seriously messed up stuff, and we wish Henk and co the best of luck getting it sorted. If anyone is holding any events to raise funds for the museum please let us know and we’ll gladly do a little post about it.

TAM Blog

Henk Schiffmacher May Own Tattoo Museum No Longer
(Original story from De Stentor) [Editor’s Note: This story originally appears in Dutch and is loosely translated into English via Google Translate.]

Amsterdam, Nov. 22nd, 2012 – By a high sustained financial conflict Henk Schiffmacher access to its own Amsterdam Tattoo Museum denied. It has famous Dutch tattoo artist and artist Thursday… 

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