Something about Hugh Jackman really doesn’t sit right with me. I think it may just be that he suits playing Wolverine so well that it hurts me to see him in less manly roles.

Wolverine?! What are you doing in a romantic comedy?! And for the love of god stop singing!

Tattoo by Nipper Williams from Bridgend Tattoo Studio.


The Gypsy Gentleman Episode 5: London

Rather than talking about the pile of rubbish Channel 4 showed last week (which was apparently about tattoos but seemed to me to be about people with some rather serious mental health problems), I’d rather talk about something awesome. Like the new episode of The Gypsy Gentleman.

For those unfamiliar with the show, it is made by American tattooer Marcus Kuhn¬†who has been travelling from city to city, exploring cool places and making great tattoos with some of the best artists in the world. This episode is based in London, and features Valerie Vargas from Frith St Tattoo, and Ian Flower from New Skool Tattoos. Both of these guys are artists whose work I have been following since I became interested in tattoos, and it is great to see them getting some international attention. Rather than going on about why they are so awesome I’ll just let you watch the video and you can see for yourself!

Sir Puggington the Third

I thought I’d continue with the pipe theme from yesterday and post this little stunner from Amy Savage.

Everyone knows that animals in hats are hilarious, it’s science. However throw a pipe into the mix and the awesomeness increases exponentially.

Just look at him, he thinks he’s people!

By Amy Savage from Jayne Doe in Essex.

Smoking kills

Something about pipes just translate really well into tattoos. I guess it’s more that smoke looks cool, but there is no elegance whatsoever in cigarette tattoos!

Makes me wonder why you rarely see cigars in tattoos?

Tattoo by Rachel Baldwin from Modern Body Art in Birmingham.