Going for a ride

I’d love to see more wrasslin’ tattoos, there have got to be some more great ones hiding away on this internet thing.

Tattoo by Dimitry Samohin from Odessa, Ukraine.


London Tattoo Convention this weekend

So this weekend will see thousands of colourful patrons descending upon Tobacco Dock for the prestigious London Tattoo Convention.

This is amongst the very top conventions in the world, with an absolutely insane line up of artists in attendance. On top of that there are also plenty of bands and other entertainment to keep you occupied, and of course lots of places to spend your hard earned cash on some cool tattoo related goodies.

Unfortunately we are both out of the country this weekend, but unless you too are thousands of miles away from it, you best get yourself down there. Tickets can be booked in advance on the Ginger Tickets website, and there will be queues so I’d advise booking.

Tattoo Age: Valerie Vargas part 2

The second installment of the new season of Tattoo Age is now online. I won’t write too much about what’s in this video, but it mainly explores what it is like to work at Frith Street and how the owner Dante has helped Valerie’s career. This is another great video from Vice, I can’t wait to see the final installment next week!

Earthworm Jim!

Seeing this tattoo transformed me into an incomprehensible squealing fanboy of the most embarrassing degree. Earthworm Jim is one of my all time favourite video games, and the cartoon was a big favourite of mine growing up as well.

Andy Walker always seems to share pictures that fulfil my daily need for need-tastic tattoos. We salute you sir.

Tattoo by Andy Walker from Creative Vandals in Hull.