The Gentlemans Retreat

This past weekend the MVG crew have been on tour, accompanied by a few close friends, to the town of Bawtry just outside of Doncaster. The reason for the trip was to celebrate my upcoming nuptials with the traditional stag do. Why Bawtry you ask? Because of this, my friends, The Gentlemans Retreat.

The Gentlemans Retreat is a traditional mens barbershop, offering a wide range of treatments to suit any modern gent, but specialising in traditional cut-throat shaves. Much more than just your average barbers, The Gentlemans Retreat is a mens grooming salon that really puts in the extra effort to ensure their clients receive the best possible experience. As soon as we walked in the door we were greeted by the owner, James Herrington, who offered us drinks in the waiting room downstairs while we relaxed and decided what treatments we would like. The choice of beverages was great, and if you want something he doesn’t stock he’s happy to order something in for your visit. The whole place is very well decorated, there is so much cool stuff on the walls and on displays, you can immediately tell how much effort has been put into getting it just right.

Once we had decided on our treatments we all went upstairs to relax in the lounge room while we took it in turns to go through and get pampered. While James was personally doing our haircuts and shaves, his lovely partner Fran kept our drinks full and organised some delicious meat and cheese platters for us to feast upon. I personally experienced ‘The Gentlemans Retreat Big Night Out’, which I have to say, was probably the most relaxing experience of my life, if you’ve never had a traditional shave I can’t recommend it enough. Once we were all shaved and trimmed, James had organised a poker game for us, complete with a dealer, which we enjoyed with several quality drinks and a fine cuban cigar each, of which there was a great selection.

When the time had come to leave and continue the festivities elsewhere, we did so in incredibly high spirits, looking our very sharpest, and already full of a little too much alcohol! We managed to convince James to join us for some drinks, and to be honest, he is probably the only reason we didn’t get thrown out of every establishment we went to (TwizzyBoy can get VERY loud when he has had a beverage or two). The rest of the night is a bit of a blur, and paintballing the next day was challenging, but on the whole the weekend was amazing. Despite being a two and a half hour drive away, it was more than worth the journey just to visit this place.

Whatever your pampering needs, The Gentlemans Retreat can look after you. If there’s something you’d like that you can’t see on the website, just drop them a line and I’m sure they can sort something out for you. The level of service is top-notch, and James personally made sure that every aspect of our visit went off without a hitch, even managing to get us a good deal on a hotel (The Crown Hotel, just across the road, and very swanky). If you live close by, or if you’re travelling past (it’s close to the M1, M18, and A1M), it is definitely worth booking an appointment in. I plan on stopping by at every opportunity I get!


One comment on “The Gentlemans Retreat

  1. Trix says:

    I have to say my boyfriends hair is looking very stylish and sexy! He loved the place and i’ll be more than happy to send him that way again as he has gone on about it alot since getting back from there!
    Glad you had a great stag!! X

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