Tattoo nutrition from David Bruehl

I’ve just seen an outstanding article on tattoo nutrition posted on Occult Vibrations and thought it was something everyone needs to read.

In it, David Bruehl from RedLetter1 in Florida talks about his experience with endurance cycling and nutrition, and how he has transferred that knowledge to tattooing. Both of us here are sports nutrition nerds, but as our sport of choice is MMA, food for endurance style training is not our area of expertise. When getting tattooed, your body reacts in a very similar way as it does to the stress of exercise, such as long distance running or cycling. It makes perfect sense that you would treat a long tattoo session in the same way you would a race, especially if you’re getting work somewhere particularly tender!

Have a read through the article here, I recommend saving it somewhere so you can have a read through again when planning your next tattoo session. If you’re anything like me you’ll like to over plan everything tattoo related, and this will really help!

Occult Vibrations is one of the coolest tattoo blogs out there, if you’re not familiar with it then you need to sort your life out! In particular check out all the old VHS tapes that have been uploaded to their YouTube channel, some real gems on there, including clips from some very rare tattoo documentaries.

Also, make sure you have a look at David Bruehl’s work, he is an incredibly talented tattooer and artist.





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