The future

We don’t post much stuff like this, but I really couldn’t not share it with you all.

Bez from Triplesix Tattoo in Sunderland has long been one of the best realism tattooers in the UK, and for that matter, the world. Colour realism has never been something that has particularly interested me. I love looking at them, but I rarely find myself drawn to a realistic tattoo. While this isn’t strictly realism, I don’t quite know what category to put it in! It has aspects of biomech, but I wouldn’t put it entirely in that box either.

The growing list of artists doing large scale, original tattoos is really inspiring. There will always be a big question mark over how well these tattoos will hold over time, with the limited amount of black ink in them. I guess we won’t know for another decade or so, but I’m still very excited to see more stuff along these lines.



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