Stewart Robson interview – Last Sparrow

I like to check on the Last Sparrow Tattoo youtube channel from time to time to check for new videos, and somehow this one managed to slip through the net for a whole month! Imagine just how silly I felt!

Stewart Robson is an incredibly talented tattooer. While he is known predominantly for his Japanese work, he also does outstanding traditional and black and grey tattoos. He comes across as so modest and self-critical in this interview, which is very refreshing to see in someone so good at what he does. Scott Sylvia does a great job of interviewing him too, and I think it’s due time he got in front of the camera and was on the receiving end of the interview for once! I for one would love to hear about the past and work of a tattoo heavyweight like Mr Sylvia.

Be sure to check out all the other interviews on the channel, there are loads of amazing tattooers on there sharing their life with the world. Enjoy chaps (and chappettes)!

Stewart Robson works at Frith Street Tattoo in London


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