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Mike Shishmanian panda tattooTattoo by Mike Shishmanian at Millenium Tattoo, Newburgh, New York.


Shogun vs Vera

Shogun vs Vera

UFC on Fox 4 is going down this weekend and shins will be flying all over the place as Mauricio Shogun Rua takes on Brandon Vera in the main event. I am sooo pumped for this fight! Fair enough, neither guy has been consistent over the past… well 6 years. BUT when either of these guys take a fight seriously they provide some of the most violent displays of striking in MMA! Vera knows that this is his last chance at a career in the UFC and Shogun has always followed a defeat with devastating finishes of his next opponent.

On paper this is set to be an entertaining night; Lyoto Machida faces Ryan Bader in the co main event and Mike Swick returns to fight DaMarques Johnson, a guy I have despised ever since he was on TUF. Jamie Varner will look to continue his return to form by taking on an equally scrappy guy in Joe Lauzon. Although I don’t like it, Phil Davis has been relegated to the prelims to make way for these two fights, but there will be some kind of business decision in there somewhere.

With four top ten Light Heavyweights on the card, this event is much more important than it seemed a few weeks ago. Last night Dana White ‘confirmed’ that the winner would get a title shot against the Jon Jones/ Dan Henderson winner. I don’t know if this will be one of his empty promises that actually relies on unspoken caveats. But maybe he is just hoping that PPVs will be driven up as the winner of this fight will be seen by a large audience. Not sure, but the idea of having a Hendo vs Shogun rematch for the title gives me fist boners.

This video preview will get your juices flowing.

Invicta FC videos

We here at MVG are big supporters of women’s MMA. As far as I can tell there is only one thing a man has that a woman doesn’t, and if you’re using that in a fight you’re probably going to get hurt.

Rarely do you see an MMA event with an all female card, but the fact that promoters are actually able to put on events like this really shows how far these ladies have come. Invicta FC is one such promotion, and Saturday night saw their second ever event, headlined by a scrap between Shanya Baszler and Sara McCann. Being the top-notch fellows that they are, they have uploaded some videos from the event, and there are also some available from their first show a couple of months back on their youtube channel.

Peruse them at your leisure chaps, and absorb all the feminine ferocity.

Stan’s the man

Saw The Amazing Spider Man last week -and it was soooo cooooool- so wanted to put something up that was spidey related.  Instead of taking the easy route and posting a pic of the web slinger himself, here is the genius of a man behind the character, Stan Lee.

Oddboy recently smashed this portrait, which captures the charm and youthful mind behind the iconic smile of one of the true heroes behind Marvel’s best characters and stories.

Matt Oddboy Barratt-Jones

Tattoo by Oddboy from Real Art Tattoo.