This is how soccer should be played

Maynard was as bored of fighting Guida as I was of watching it. I won’t bother spending too much time covering this uneventful show, but here is a cool gif of Maynard going all Diaz on Guida at the end of the fourth…

Maynard Guida

ONE FC put on ANOTHER great event which had Babalu secure a victory by nasty looking armbar and Roger Huerta continue his losing streak by receiving the business end of a devastating soccer kick from Zorobabel Moreira in the second round. I don’t know what is more stunning, the fact that a guy who was prospected to be the future of the UFC lightweight division going 1-6 in his last 7, or the gif of the fantastic KO. For the soccer fans that are still interested in Euro 2012, this is how your sport should be played…

Roger Huerta Soccer Kick KO

PRIDE never die

Zoro soccer kick ko

To warm you up for UFC 147 later tonight, here is Dana White’s video blog for last nights event. Guida and Maynard have a confrontation backstage at the end of the video.


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