Frank Shamrock teaches Tim Kennedy and Luke Rockhold how to break the rules

Frank Shamrock tries his hardest to show Tim Kennedy and Luke Rockhold how to promote a fight the MMA way. They are fighting each other in the main event of the Strikeforce card on the 14th of July.

I personally love this approach to fight promotion, sticking its tongue out at the stereotypical videos of fighters ranting about how they want to kill each other, and doing their best angry faces. Who’s to say you can’t be a pro fighter and still be a gentleman? Manners may not sell tickets, but it’s fighters like these guys, Rich Franklin, Brian Stann, and Kenny Florian that remind you that martial arts isn’t all about beating people up and shouting into cameras.

Bad boys will always have their place in MMA, and there are plenty of them that I love, but we should celebrate MMA’s modern violent gentlemen.


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