Korean Zombie chomps through Dustin Poirier

Korean Zombie

The Korean Zombie Chan Sung Jung is badass. I just got round to watching the UFC on Fuel fights last night and it was so worth going a whole day without the internet to avoid reading the results!

I have been a fan of his since the first Garcia fight. Probably because I felt he won the controversial decision which ended up going Garcia’s way in an epic slug fest. However, it was only when he entered the UFC and got revenge against Garcia by contorting his spine and neck in a gorgeous twister that I, like many others, started to think of him as less of a mid to lower tier gatekeeper and more of a developing fighter who has the potential to shake up a comparatively  shallow weight division.

Korean Zombie

The fight had a little bit of back and forth due to the amount of shots that Jung took. However he lived up to his moniker and methodically walked through the explosiveness of Poirier by countering with great techniques, both on the ground and standing. He countered well, but it was when he stalked down Poirier that he was able to land most damage with great clinch work or trip take downs into dominant positions. DAMN I ENJOYED THAT FIGHT! It was made even better for me as I had predicted a fourth round submission for the Korean Zombie.

Korean Zombie

He was an underdog against Hominick and Poirier and finished them both in devastating fashion. He will be underdog against Aldo. Could he pull off what could end up being one of the biggest upsets of the year? I hope so.

Korean Zombie

Here are some highlights from the fight:

Korean Zombie

Korean Zombie

Korean Zombie

Gifs taken from Iron Forges Iron.


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