Liverpool Tattoo Convention and UK Tattoo Industry Awards results

One of the biggest and most respected tattoo conventions on these fair shores, the Liverpool Tattoo Convention is now done and dusted for another year. Neither of us were able to make it unfortunately, but judging from the pictures I’ve seen on facebook, it seems that a good time was had by all.

As well as the usual competitions, the Liverpool convention also plays host to the UK Tattoo Industry Awards. The nominations and voting were all open to the public, so the awards stay politics free, and just about celebrating the top tattooers in the business.

Here are the results, nicked from the facebook page:

– Best Tattoo Journalist – Sally Feldt – Total Tattoo Magazine

– Best Tattoo Photographer – Al Overdrive

– Best UK Tattoo Publication – Tattoo Revolution Magazine

– Best International Tattoo Publication – Tattoo Life

– Best Online Tattoo Resource –

– Peoples Choice Best UK Male Artist  – Matt Oddboy Barrett-Jones

– Peoples Choice Best UK Female Artist – Amanda Ruby

– Peoples Choice Best International Male Artist – Jeff Gogue

– Peoples Choice Best International Female Artist – Kelly Dotty

– Hall of Fame – Lal Hardy

And of course no tattoo convention would be complete without the competitions, so here are the winners:

Saturday Best Small Colour: Entrant:  Jordan Reay  Artist: Martin Couley
Saturday Best Small Colour Executed at the show: Entrant: Robb Jones Artist: Sebo
Best Realistic: Entrant: Chris Hallam Artist: Meehow Kotarski 
Best Realistic Executed at the Show: Entrant: Chris Nash Artist: Sam Bowyer
Best Large Black & Grey: Entrant: Fred Bestall Artist: Phatt German
Best Large Black & Grey Excuted at the Show: Entrant: Daniel Barron Artist: Jon Quinlan
Best of Day Saturday: Entrant: Clive Willet Artist: Tye Harris
Best of Day Saturday Executed at the Show: Entrant: Paul Garner Artist: Matt Oddboy Barratt-Jones
Sunday Best Small Black & Grey: Entrant: Dave Powell Artist: Meehow Kotarski
Best Small Black & Grey Excuted at the Show: Entrant: Daniel Lawford Artist: Ollie Tye
Best Large Colour: Entrant: Magnus Artist: Noi Siamese III
Best Large Colour Excuted at the Show: Entrant: Ami Jonson Artist: Cathy Sue
Best of Day Sunday: Entrant: Dave Powell Artist: Meehow Kotarski
Best of Day Sunday Executed at the Show: Entrant Macieck Artist: Endre Szabo
Best of Convention: Entrant: Chris Hallam Artist: Meehow Kotarski
Best of Convention Executed at the Show:  Entrant: Pudsey Artist: Alan Aldred
You’ll notice a few familiar names there, we have previously done features on Meehow Kotarski, who netted a total of 4 awards, and on Alan Aldred, who won the most coveted award of the show. Guess we must have good eyes!
On top of all that, they also had the very first Miss Tattoo UK crowned, with the lovely Samantha Sorci donning the debut sash.
Although we couldn’t be there in person, we were definitely there in spirit, and with the help of facebook we can show you some of the fabulous work produced at the show. Liverpool is definitely going on the “MUST ATTEND” list for next year.
By Chris Harrison from Bridgend Tattoo Studio
By Alan Aldred from Cosmic Tattoo

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