Nate Diaz nearly made Jim Miller bite off his own tongue

Nate Diaz
Nate Diaz Stockton 209 baby. Cesar Gracie by day, Joe Rogan podcast by night all day… wait wut… damn that Diaz attitude is infectious. I love Nate Diaz’s fighting style and after this impressive victory over a game Miller it would only be fitting to see him fight for the title. A fight with Bendo would be INSANE!
United States Nate Diaz vs. United States Jim Miller
Diaz adapted to the attempts at range manipulation utilised by Miller and after punishing him for the best part of two rounds, ended the fight with a beautiful guillotine choke. What made this rather gruesome was that Miller had previously lost his mouth guard, meaning that while he was being choked, his teeth were clamping down on his exposed tongue. All resulting in one of the nastiest grimaces I have seen…
 United States Josh Koscheck vs. United States Johny Hendricks
In a REALLY close fight that I thought could have gone either way, Hendricks defeated Koscheck via split decision. After making such quick work of Fitch, this may have slowed his momentum to the top, but beating two elite Welterweights in a row must stand for something. I think a title shot would be entertaining, but he showed some serious holes in his game that could easily be taken advantage of by any of the top three in the division.
Hendricks vs Koscheck
Brazil Rousimar Palhares vs. United States Alan Belcher
Belcher beat Palhares at his own game. Through an incredibly entertaining show of stubbornness and confidence, he allowed the fight to continue on the ground when he had many opportunities to stand up. When he attempted the twister I nearly had a heart attack. He defended numerous leg lock attempts and finished the fight with punches and elbows from INSIDE the guard before the first round could end. Very impressive.
 United States Pat Barry vs. United States Lavar Johnson
One of these guys was bound to get finished, and it was Lavar that managed to pull it off. He threw a scary barrage of punches at Barry to finish the fight. Johnson may have just taken Barry’s place as mid tier heavyweight sprawl ‘n brawler.
 England John Hathaway vs. Germany Pascal Krauss
Being a fan of Hathaway’s, I was quite nervous about this match up. Krauss is a tough guy in all the areas that mattered in this match up. But Hathaway came back from ANOTHER long layoff and dominated Krauss to a unanimous decision showing off some inventive flair that has been missing from his last few fights.
 United States Louis Gaudinot vs. Brazil John Lineker
Gaudinot and Lineker had a great fight while it lasted which earned fight of the night. Both fighters put thier conciousness on the line for our entertainment by slugging it out for two rounds before Guadinot slipped on a guillotine choke.

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