Toad Satin Wax by Foad

Many waxes have passed through these hairs in the months I have been moustachioed. Some good, some great, some terrible. None that I have tried have come close to rivalling the versatility of Foad Wax.

I have recently purchased a tin of the brand new Toad Satin Wax, also a creation of Mr Foad. A soft to medium wax made from jojoba as opposed to the usual beeswax, the Toad wax can be used either by itself or in conjunction with the regular Foad wax.


For all you dapper hippies out there, you will be pleased to know that Toad wax is an entirely vegan product, so no need to worry about those poor bees being robbed of their waxy wares. As a result of this, Toad wax has a very distinctive, sweet scent, which the ladies love, although it soon dissipates.

The wax heats up very easily, with no need for a hair drier to soften it up. I would describe the hold as medium strength, enough to hold your hairs in place and keep the curls in, but if you’re going to be exposing your stache to the elements, you’d be best off using a little Foad wax on the tricky bits.

I have gotten into the habit of using a layer of Foad wax as usual, and then adding some Toad wax to help distribute it throughout my stache, and give it a nice looking sheen. For the first time ever I have been able to go all day without needing to touch it up, just a bit of prod-pokery after eating and it all stays put. I also no longer have to use a hair drier to help comb the wax through, which saves me a few precious minutes in my morning routine.

The real benefit here is that you have a unique styling system that allows you to create a custom hold by mixing the 2 waxes together in different ratios. As a result you have a wax that can literally suit anyone.

I love trying out new waxes and experimenting with different stache styling methods, but I still will not leave the house without a trusty tin of Foad Wax in my pocket.

My face, full o’ Foad


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