Gustaffson vs Silva


Gustaffson frustrated Silva and dismantled his aggressive game using his reach lateral movement. He looked good last night, and although I was expecting a more dramatic finish, it was good for Gustaffson to be forced to fight all the way to a decision. It means that he will not be rushed to a shot and can take the time to prepare himself for the more elite Light Heavies.

If Evans and Hendo fail against Jones, Gustaffson may be our only hope.

Alexander Gustaffson

Alexander Gustaffson UFC

Alexander Gustaffson Silva

It was good to see some Brits get good wins under their belts. All three were victorious and showed superior ground games over their American opponents.

Pickett reminded us why we love him, using a frantic pace and crazy go for broke style to win by rear naked choke and secure a $50,000 fight of the night bonus.

Brad Pickett

John Maguire utilised his pink belt in Gypsy Jiu Jitsu to armbar Johnson using a beautiful kimura attempt reversal. He also earned a $50,000 bonus for submission of the night. Although it wasn’t majorly apparent in the fight, he had a 92% striking accuracy, hitting 29 of 32 shots.

John Maguire

Jason Young fended off a loss by taking Eric Wisely to a decision, one that presumably would have ended his UFC career. ‘Shotgun’ isn’t really living up to the hype he had coming into the UFC, but there are glimmers of a top fighter within him. I don’t know how much more patience the UFC will have with him, but they will likely keep him around for European shows.

Jason Young

Cool event. Now for Jones vs Evans.


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