Alistair Overeem tests positive for testosterone

Alistair Overeem

Goddamn it Overeem. God damn you and your everything.

Ubereem is one of our favourite fighters, and the headlines of the positive test came as a surprise to us. Honestly, my very first response was, ‘wait, how much horse do you have to eat to raise your testosterone levels? Is there testosterone in steak?’. I thought there must be some mix up and all of what I was reading was lies.

But then it hit me.

The emotions I felt due to the displeasure of realising that Overeem is now out of UFC 146 and not fighting JDS can only be summed up by the following two gifs…

Overeem Panda

And when the desk destroying fury had subsided, all that was left was sadness…

Overeem Picard

Oh wells, I had Junior winning that fight by uppercut KO anyway. Now we will just have to settle for watching Frank Mir get KTFOed.


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