Meehow you doin’?

Sorry about the title, I couldn’t help myself.

Meehow Kotarski has well and truely cemented his place amongst the real heavyweights of realism tattooing. His super smooth, freakishly precise black and grey tattoos have been on quite a tear recently, taking multiple awards at some of the top conventions in the UK.

Generally speaking I tend to find photorealism a little boring. Yes it is very impressive, but I find any form of recreation a little tedious. Meehow’s work, however, really seems to draw your attention. He has a real gift for highlighting the little details that seem to make an image come to life. Plus I love how he isn’t afraid of going really dark, just look at the Arnie tattoo for an example of how effective a high contrast can be.

Meehow works out of No Regrets in Cheltenham, check out more of his work, as well as their other artist’s here.





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