Don Frye’s mustache

MiddleEasy just announced the winner for a brilliant competition they held in which the community member who provides the best tribute to Don Frye’s moustache (or mustache for you American English scallies) would be rewarded with a large collection of Round 5 MMA figures.

Here is the EPIC winner depicting the toughest moustache in the world delivering a face smashing punch to Yoshihiro Takayama (one of the best brawls in MMA).

Don Frye Mustache

Even the best tribute can’t beat the real thing. Check this gif out to see Don Frye’s moustache in action.

Don Frye Yoshihiro Takayama

Some amazing runners up can be found here.


Totally Stark-ers

I’m currently writing this whilst on my way back from a trip up North to get tattooed by Kerry-Anne Richardson at Cock A Snook (pics when the swelling has gone down!).

Unfortunately the timing of this trip means that I still have yet to see the new Avengers movie! The shame of this is somewhat soothed by the knowledge that I have a super cool new tattoo instead.

Whether or not you’ve seen the movie yet, I’m sure you will appreciate this tattoo, by the immensely talented Andy Walker from Creative Vandals in Hull.


Rebel scum


KidKimura is off up north getting another tattoo by the talented Miss Kerry-Anne Richardson at Cock A Snook today. I am left jealous but excited for him as it will be the first Star Wars themed tattoo either of us have (the first of many no doubt).

Due to the design being a unique take on the Rebel Alliance logo (from what I understand), it is only fitting that I put KidKimura in the right frame of mind to be needle raped by sharing this video with you all.

Yes, you better believe your ears, that IS the Airwolf theme song. You are welcome.

One to watch

These tattoos have caused something of a stir on facebook, and it’s not hard to see why.

Michelle Maddison is the apprentice at at Nemesis Tattoo Studio in Seaham, learning under John Anderton. John has clearly done an incredible job teaching this young lady, she has been tattooing for only 3 weeks and is already producing super clean tattoos with outstanding colour saturation. I have been seeing this more and more recently, thanks to very talented and generous teachers, and also the wealth of information available through the Internet, there is some unbelievable work being produced by apprentices at the moment.

By any standards, Michelle’s work is very impressive. I think that any tattooer, whether they’ve been working for 3 weeks or 3 decades, would be proud of this work.

So remember, you saw her here first! Unless of course you didn’t, in which case ignore me.

Michelle’s second ever tattoo

Tattoo number 7

Tattoo number 9

Skinwear Tattoo Documentary

I saw this video posted a few days ago on Miss Arianna’s facebook page and only just got a chance to watch it, and it is freaking awesome.

Not a documentary as such, more a of a promo video, but I guess that’s a good thing or it would all be in Italian! There is a little footage in there from the Brighton Tattoo Convention back in January, where Arianna won “Best of Day” on the Saturday, and lots of other cool tattoos from all of the crew at Skinwear Tattoo.

Watch it, and feel its awesomeness seep into your eye holes.