Jon Fitch and his KO induced mo

Jon Fitch has been rather quiet following his loss to Johny Hendricks at the end of December last year. It turns out he has been cultivating his face.

Jon Fitch’s twitter account recently shared evidence which adds support to the theory that facial hair is contagious. Infection of what medical professionals call ‘hairy badass disease’ is caused by the exposure of one’s chin to the fists of a much more epically bearded man.

Jon Fitch

One issue that Fitch’s case has raised with Doctors is how having been completely knocked the fuck out in under 12 seconds seemed to have increased his susceptibility to the ailment.

Hopefully the moustache offers padding to his jaw for the next time he fights a true badass like Johny Hendricks.

Photographic evidence below.

Jon Fitch

Jon Fitch

Jon Fitch

Follow Fitch on twitter – @jonfitchdotnet


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