Ryan Hall chokes drunken idiot unconscious – Nicely

Ryan Hall is a highly accomplished Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blackbelt under Felipe Costa and trains with Marcelo Garcia.

Not only is he an artist dedicated to his form, he is a straight up gentleman, as seen in the following video that was scooting around online yesterday. Maybe if Ryan had been wearing his ADCC medals this dumbass might not have decided to cause a scene whilst attempting to assault Ryan and his friends. Ryan had every right (and the ability) to smash the guy and tear his limbs off. But instead he chose to be calm, respectful and get the guy away from people who might get hurt.

When that failed he choked the bastard out ready for the police to arrive. It might have been the loss of oxygen to the brain but the man later comes back to apologise.

I went to one of Ryan’s seminars a few months ago and he blew my mind. His simple and effective teaching methods catered for a wide range of styles and competencies and left me with a handful of alterations and new techniques to instantly apply to my game. I recommend to anyone who is presented with the opportunity to train with him to do so.

After watching this I don’t think I am the only one left hoping that Ryan and Marcelo create a superhero crime busting duo set out to dispose of drunkards and scallywags.


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