Ink Masters finale tattoos

I just watched the final episode of Spike TV reality show “Ink Masters”. The term “reality show” doesn’t seem to be quite appropriate, as it doesn’t really show the reality of tattooing at all. Also, the term “Ink Masters” isn’t quite right either! It was billed as a competition between the 10 best tattoo artists on the planet, to determine who should be crowned “Ink Master”. In reality it was an overproduced, and at times clearly scripted, television show about a few great tattooers, and loads of terrible ones. Thankfully the 3 that made it to the final episode were all pretty awesome, and as such, all of the tattoos made on this show were really great.

If you can stand reading between the usual reality TV nonsense, you can watch the whole series on the Spike TV website, or if you just want to look at the tattoos there is a gallery of every one made on the show. Here ae a few of the tattoos made on the finale.

Tattoo by Tommy Helm from Empire State Tattoos in New York

Tattoo by James Vaughn from Straight A Tattoo in Ashboro, North Carolina

Tattoo by Shane O’Neill from Infamous Tattoo in Pennsylvania


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