Super Fight League: Bob Sapp Vs. James Thompson

Bob Sapp

Super Fight League held their first event today and for the first relatively big show in India, it seemed to go down well with the crowd. It might be a market that other promotions start to invest in, and deservedly so.  It was a bit of a fresh direction of an MMA event with regards to promotion, it had a weird Bollywood meets MMA thing going on, which I really enjoyed. One thing I hated was when the camera shot cut away from the fights to show random people in the crowd, their reactions were funny, but key action was occasionally missed and could have been a big mistake had a finished been ignored while the camera pointed at a random scared looking fan in a shiny silk suit.

One final comment on the event – BOB SAPP DOES NOT DESERVE TO HEADLINE ANOTHER EVENT! He is a walking joke now.

Here is the full event video…


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